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Pilot Program of Authorized Enterprise Certification in Free Trade Zones Has Been Initiated to Give Preferential Treatment for Customs Facilitation

    In order to improve the management of free trade zone enterprises, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications jointly promulgated "Operation Directions for Pilot Program of Authorized Enterprise Certification and Facilitation Measures in Free Trade Zones" on September 26, 2022. For free trade zone enterprises that have obtained the certification, preferential treatment will be given to facilitate customs procedures.
    Customs Administration explained that a free trade zone enterprise is entitled to apply to the free trade zone management authority for Authorized Enterprise Certification, if the enterprise has the Security and Safety Authorized Economic Operator (AEOS) status, or has been running business for three years or more, has business performance within the past six months, and has no record of violation against Articles 37 to 44 of the Act for the Establishment and Management of Free Trade Zones and the Customs Anti-smuggling Act for the past two years.
     Customs Administration further explained that enterprises in the free trade zones that have obtained the Authorized Enterprise  Certification will be given Customs preferential treatment including the lowest number of on-site inspections; the lowest examination rates of cargo transported to the tax area for repairing, examining, testing, processing, and subsequent return; those who meet the requirements for storage facilities and cargo management may apply for the storage of goods which are not permitted for importation from Mainland China and replacement parts of untaxed vehicles without needing to store in a dedicated storage space; those who have incoming foreign goods awaiting for repairing, examining, and testing by a contractor located in a tax area may apply for transporting such goods directly to the tax area.
     Customs Administration encourages eligible free trade zone enterprises to apply for Authorized Enterprise Certification. If you have any questions about application qualifications and procedures, please feel free to contact Customs Administration for more information.
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