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The Finance Minister, Ms. Tsui-Yun Chuang, led a delegation to attend the 2023 APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting to facilitate international fiscal and finance cooperation

The Finance Minister Ms. Tsui-Yun Chuang and the Vice Chairperson of the Financial Supervisory Commission Ms. Tsuey-Ling Hsiao led a delegation of officials from the Ministry of Finance, Financial Supervisory Commission, and the Central Bank, to attend the 30th APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting and relevant meetings held in San Francisco, USA from November 10 to 13. During the meetings, Minister Chuang not only communicated with APEC economies representatives, actively promoting cooperation regarding tax and various international fiscal affairs, but also exchanged views with representatives of international organizations regarding the global economic situation and our fiscal policies. 


Minister Chuang shared Taiwan’s current economic situation, challenges, and related policies at the meeting, introducing our overall planning for forward-looking infrastructure which can make good use of fiscal resources to promote major infrastructure projects and take into account fiscal discipline. The Minister also shared the outcome of the virtual workshop "Leveraging New Technology for Tax Administration in the Post-COVID Era," which was organized by Taiwan and held in September this year. At the workshop, representatives of economies and international organizations shared their experiences and perspectives of utilizing technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis to support the promotion of fiscal policies and maintain fiscal revenue, thus received strong positive feedback.


At the meeting, Ms. Hsiao Tsuey-Ling, the Vice Chairperson of the Financial Supervisory Commission, shared Taiwan's sustainable financial policy. The Financial Supervisory Commission referred to international development trends and practices in formulating promotional measures that are suitable for Taiwan. Hsiao also advised continued international cooperation to establish the formulation of global standards. In addition, the Vice Chairperson Hsiao shared Taiwan’s guidelines for Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) and money laundering prevention practices, calling for international cooperation to jointly develop standards in the application of virtual assets that involve cross-border payments, including effective supervision to prevent illegal activities.


The Ministry of Finance further stated that our delegation of APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting shared our experiences with APEC economies, international organizations, and the private sector at the meeting and thus built stronger international public-private partnerships. 


Contact person: Ms. Vera Wei-Nung Lee, Section Chief.  
Contact Number: (02)2322-8000#8582


Issued:Dept. of International Fiscal Affairs Release date:2023-11-29 Last updated:2023-11-29 Click times:847