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Central and Local Governments Paving the Way for the Legislation of Hot Springs Businesses in Liouguei District, Kaohsiung City

  Central and local government agencies including the National Property Administration, Ministry of Finance; the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications; and the Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government have specially assisted in the legalization of businesses in the Baolai Hot Spring Area in Liouguei District. Finally, significant progress was made this year. Seven businesses have signed agreements on establishment of superficies with the National Property Administration to date, an important step towards legalization, which is of great help to those hot spring businesses willing to operate legally. The National Property Administration also held a ceremony to confer contract documents and certificates of appreciation at the Maolin National Scenic Area, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications on December 11, 2020, extending our thanks to all walks of life.

  The National Property Administration has expressed that to meet the needs of the central authority in charge of the business for supporting industries, the competent authority may apply to the National Property Administration for establishment of superficies submitted to the Ministry of Finance for approval, if the competent authority has conducted a review and determined that it is necessary for the National Property Administration to specially provide the establishment of superficies on the national land it manages to certain person based on governance needs, business promotion and public interest considerations. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has conducted a review and determined that it is necessary to provide the national land involved in this project to the 8 businesses. Then, the National Property Administration reported to the Ministry of Finance, which agreed to specially carry out the establishment of superficies in July and October 2020. The hot spring businesses in Liouguei District have successively signed the contracts of establishment of superficies with the Southern Region Branch, National Property Administration since November 18, 2020. To date, seven companies have completed the signing of the contracts. It is estimated that more than NT$144.8 million can be collected for the superficies, an annual land rent of more than NT$820,000 per year. During the 50-year superficies period, a total of more than NT$146 million can be collected for the treasury.

  After various difficulties, it is finally the time for Baolai area in Liouguei District to recover. After the legalization of the business with the help of governments, the industry has the opportunity to apply for tourism subsidies and will not miss business opportunities. Moreover, the section from Baolai to Tianchi of the Southern Cross-Island Highway is open now and will attract more tourists to stay in Baolai. This will provide many business opportunities in the surrounding area of Liouguei, revitalize local tourism, and rebuild the reputation of Liouguei hot spring area. In addition, according to the Tourism Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, 14 hotels have been legalized with the help of governments in Baolai and Bulao area in Liouguei District, with a total of about 688 rooms, which can accommodate more than 2,000 tourists visiting the area and generate about NT$10 million in tourism revenue.


Contact person for press release: Executive Officer Li Yaqian

Contact Tel: 07-2293670 ext.252

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2020-12-15 Last updated:2020-12-15 Click times:446