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Gift of Love? It's a Romance Package Scam instead.

    Every day, the victims of romance package scams make phone calls to Customs, trying to find their never-existing packages. 

    The victims of romance package scams share a similar story. They meet their lovers with fake identity of military officers, and officials of international organizations via the Internet. The fake online lovers show the warmness and sweetness to the victims with a goal to cheat the victims’ trust and money. 

    The scammers pretend that they send precious jewelry or millions of cash to the victims as gifts of love. However, the story begins that the never-existing packages will be ‘detained’ by Customs and charged of big money. 

    Taipei Customs reminds that everyone should keep the eyes sharp, calm down to discover any unreasonable plot. Besides, it’s important to ask for official proof or documents, and verify them with Customs.

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2021-02-20 Last updated:2021-02-20 Click times:575