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With NTD200 billion in business opportunities, PPP projects continue to invest in more opportunity

In order to constantly channel private funds into public infrastructure projects, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) has released 99 public infrastructure projects, in the amount of NTD 200 billion. The project number and investment amount hit a peak in the past three years. The MOF calls on both national and international private corporations to take an active engagement in order to provide quality public service.


The MOF expressed that both central and local governments are working hard to deliver public infrastructure projects for private participation. From the second half of 2021 to the first half of 2022, 99 projects will be open for PPP investment with a total amount of over NTD 200 billion. Among these 99 projects, 61 projects are being conducted in accordance with the Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects, reaching NTD 65.2 billion; 14 projects are being constructed for social and labor welfare facilities, including long-term care and labor recreation centers; 13 projects are being built for transportation facilities, such as parking lots and transit stations; and 12 are being designed for cultural and educational facilities, such as cultural and creative parks, historical sites, and historic buildings. The above three categories of projects comprise the largest number of projects. Moreover, the top three projects are The Southern District Green Energy Plant BOT Project of Environmental Protection Bureau Kaohsiung City Government (NTD 10 billion), Smart Health Innovation Park on NCU Bade Campus BOT Project (NTD 8.2 billion), and The BOT Project of Parking Tower (Parking Lots No.2 etc.) in Zhongli District, Taoyuan City (NTD 7.857 billion). In addition, other regulations for example, The Mass Rapid Transit Act etc., are being applied to introduce 38 projects invested in by the private sector with an amount over NTD 137.1 billion. The largest investment falls to the Land Development Project of the Juguang Station and Jincheng Depot on the Wanda Line in the amount of NTD 22 billion. (See attached table.)


During the preparation of the 2021 promotion of PPP investment, the MOF carried out both physical and virtual investment conventions considering the trend of network marketing and application in order to respond to the impact posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. A physical PPP Investment Convention will collocate with online an investment map website for matching business opportunity.


The physical PPP Investment Convention has usually taken place in July or August, but the exact date for this year will be subject to the pandemic conditions. An online investment map website has especially been established featuring an investor’s manual, investment opportunities, and a highlighted projects section. The new setup helps investors quickly understand all related regulations and procedures of governing private participation in infrastructure projects. Investors can also use a geographic information system to search for project information, and the organizer can immediately update project information so that the investors can access the latest information anytime and anywhere. With online real-time updates and connections installed, business matches will be accelerated effectively. Please stay tuned with the platform of Promotion of Private Participation about the PPP Investment Convention and online map. Every industry is welcome to take part in the projects.


Press contact: Wei-Shuo Tung, Section Chief

Contact number: +886-2-2322-8214

Issued:Promotion of Private Participation Release date:2021-06-28 Last updated:2021-06-29 Click times:750

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