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Vitalize National Assets in Multiple Ways to Implement National Policy and Increase Treasury

The Ministry of Finance indicates that national property is the asset of the people. In order to comply with national policy, increase the efficiency of national property use, actively vitalize national assets, create sustainable sources of revenue, and release national real estate to fully assist in the promotion of social housing, long-term care, green energy, and ‘salute to the sea’ policy, the important policies of 2020 to be promoted are as follows:

1.Vitalize national non-public real estate in multiple ways

(1)Lease by tender

In order to increase the efficiency of using national non-public real estate, the national non-public real estate with no pre-set purpose may be openly auctioned off to the bid winner by lease by tender. From 2014 to end of July 2020, 308 auctions have been publicly announced, 1,787 pieces of land, 113 buildings have been auctioned off for a total of 1.10652 billion dollars of rent revenue (contract royalty and rent). We will continue to select appropriate objects to sponsor lease by tender to release to the public in order to invigorate usage.

(2)Lease by tender for superficies

Complying with no-sale policy of large-area national land, the government may keep the ownership of the land through lease by tender for superficies to release the land use right to the public. This will create sustainable sources of revenue and attain the goal of sustaining and vitalizing large-area national land, thus achieving the win-win goal of engaging private funding for development. From 2010 to July 2020, 343 batches of national land of 127.13 hectares were listed, of which 114 batches were auctioned off with an area of 32.16 hectares, for a winning bid royalty total of 88.34975 billion dollars.

(3)Joint improvement usage with target business supervisory agencies

The business recruitment for the release of national land to comply with the industrial development need of target business supervisory agencies will be sponsored to attract private funding and professional investment in order to invigorate the economy, increase sustainable revenue sources and various taxes for the government while providing better public living environment quality to attain the embodiment of multiple results of the government. As of July 2020, contracts of 61 projects have been signed (625 pieces, area of 447.80 hectares, of which 28 projects are in operation, 20 are under construction, 13 are in business recruitment).

2.Promote national non-public cultural assets or adoption of peripheral land

In order to alleviate the management of cultural assets or peripheral land of national real estate, the National Property Administration, Ministry of Finance (NPA hereinafter) has set ‘Guidelines on the Adoption and Maintenance of National Non-public Cultural Assets’ and ‘Processing Principles of National Non-public Peripheral Land to be Provided for Adoption to Promote Environment Protection Projects’ and continues sponsoring information meetings on management and maintenance of cultural assets and regularly selects national peripheral land list for providing to the environmental protection groups for assessment and reference. As of end of July 2020, 3 projects have been signed with environmental protection groups for assessment and reference for a total area of 453 hectares.

3.Assist in promotion of social housing policy

For complying with the demand of sponsoring social housing by the housing supervisory agency, as of end of July 2020, the NPA has assisted in the completion of appropriating 38 places of national land, 2 places of national land and buildings (total land area of 22 hectares, and 10 buildings) and lease of 3 places of national land (area of 4.02 hectares). A total of 1,061 pieces of national land, 2 places of land and buildings (land area of 72.04 hectares, 30 buildings) have be reserved to provide to the housing supervisory agency to hold early planning for social housing. In the future, national real estate will continue to be provided according to the housing laws and regulations in order to implement fully the social housing policy.

4.Complying with the promotion of long-term care policy

Based on the conditions proposed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, national real estate will be selected for the assessment for the locations of long-term care. As of end of July 2020, 215 pieces of land and 18 places of land and buildings have been preserved for the Ministry to evaluate.

5.Provide national real estate to comply with the green energy policy

(1)Improve and utilize national land jointly with target business supervisory agency. By end of July 2020, 284 hectares of national non-public land have been provided to the supervisory agency to introduce green energy industry, including 3 solar power projects, 1 wind power project, and 1 geothermal project.

(2)Complying with the need of the supervisory agency’s demand for development of green energy industry, by end of July 2020, 220.6 hectares of national land were provided to the supervisory agency for approval for development of 3 solar projects, 82 wind power projects.

(3)Complying with the solar power policy, national non-public land was leased by tender to the solar power businesses to construct solar power generation equipment. As of end of July 2020, 12 pieces of land were auctioned off for a total area of 16.58 hectares.

6.Promote the ‘salute to the sea policy’ of the Executive Yuan

(1)Cleaning and maintaining national non-public land on the coastline and the unregistered land outside of the managed area set by the target business supervisory agency.

On May 7, 2020, the Executive Yuan has set the ‘Salute to the Sea-the Beach Cleaning and Maintaining Project’ which will be from 2020 to 2023 based on the principle of territory (jus soli) for the division of labor for the range of cleaning. The National Property Administration is responsible for cleaning the beach for a range of 699 kilometers. The five strategies of ‘Point-to-point patrolling and cleaning’, ‘dynamic cleaning for the important spots’, ‘coordinating for centralized agency cleaning’, ‘active matching adoption’, and ‘enhanced promotion of control at the source’ are deployed for the cleaning and maintaining of the beach. By end of June 2020, 61 cleanups have been conducted at 20 important beach locations, resulting in the removal of about 160 tons of waste.

(2)Assist agencies to appropriate and acquire land for construction of facilities

The NPA assists various levels of government agencies to appropriate and acquire required national coastal land for constructing beachfront friendly public facilities.

(3)Vitalize in multiple ways to promote and open up utilization of national land

According to Article 47 of National Property Act or the regulations of ‘Regulations on Leasing National Non-public Coastal Land’, national non-public coastal land is released to the cooperating or commissioned target business supervisory agency to sponsor business recruitment, or the NPA sponsors the lease according to regulations. In addition, the NPA is revising some parts of the ‘Regulations on Leasing National Non-public Coastal Land’.

7.In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, measures of reduced and delayed rent payment for national non-public land is implemented.

(1)Rent reduction

Besides that which has been set by the Executive Yuan for rent or that which the laws and regulations have clearly set for taxes (such as land price tax), the year 2020 due rent, operation royalty, and land rent of the national non-public real estate are automatically reduced by 20 percent which does not require the users to apply. The part which was already paid will be refunded interest free or deducted for payment receivables. A total of 180 thousand cases are estimated to be benefitted.

(2)Delayed rent payment

For legal users who need to delay payment of rent (including superficies rent, commissioned management royalty), the year 2020 due rent as stipulated in the contract may be delayed until the end of December 2020 for full payment. Before such deadline, the breach of contract fine or interest for delay will be waived. By end of July 2020, 213 applications were accepted for a delayed payment amount of 222.37 million dollars.

The Ministry of Finance expresses that in the future, through actively vitalizing national assets to assist in industrial development demand and complying with important national policies, national land will be provided to implement the policy goal of ‘support construction with finance and cultivate finance with construction.’


News release contact: Wang, Tsai Yeh, Chief Secretary, National Property Administration

Contact telephone: 02-2771-8121 ext. 1005

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