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Annual Assessment of PPIP Business Performance - Competition Results of Counties and Cities!

The Ministry of Finance, in order to commend and accentuate the efforts and dedication of local governments in promoting private participation in infrastructure and attracting private investments for public infrastructure projects, conducts annual assessments on the PPIP administration, tender achievements, and performance management of 22 county (city) governments. The 2023 assessment result showed that a total of 10 local governments achieved excellence or performed better. Among them, New Taipei City in the municipality category stood out as it received the sole recognition of distinction. The other five municipalities also delivered impressive results and achieved excellence. In addition, in the county and city category, Hsinchu City, Hsinchu County, Penghu County, and Chiayi County also won recognition for excellence. The remaining seven counties and cities, including Yilan County, Miaoli County, Nantou County, Pingtung County, Keelung City, Chiayi City, and Changhua County, were rated as grade A. The Ministry of Finance will issue incentive funds to those with remarkable assessment results, including NT$500,000 for distinction, NT$300,000 for excellence, and NT$100,000 for grade A.

The Ministry of Finance further explained that the 2023 assessment took into account the capacity and manpower of both municipalities and county (city) governments. They were categorized into Category A (6 municipalities), Category B (8 counties and cities), and Category C (8 counties and cities). Starting from the end of June, the rigorous assessment process, which involved self-evaluation by each county (city) government, written reviews by committee members, assessment meetings, and field inspections, took over three months to complete. The members of the review committee for this year shared the same view, acknowledging the progress made by each county (city) government in facilitating public-private partnerships compared to the previous year. They observed improvements in both the quantity and quality of PPIP projects. Through its ongoing assessments of the business performances, the Ministry of Finance has gradually realized its goal of assisting and urging county (city) governments to enhance their PPIP commitment. The aforementioned awards are planned to be publicly presented at the 2024 PPP Investment Convention. This recognition aims to encourage continuous PPIP promotion by county (city) governments and provision of high-quality services. All are welcome to attend the event and witness this grand occasion!

Press Contact: Tzu-Wen Chen (Section Chief)

Phone Number: (02)2322-8218

Issued:Promotion of Private Participation Release date:2023-10-13 Last updated:2023-11-21 Click times:809