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Nationals born domestically between October 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023, can claim the universal cash handout until the end of January 2024

  The National Treasury Administration, Ministry of Finance, indicates that, in cooperation with relevant departments, the overall operation of the universal cash handout has been running smoothly. As of September 20, 2023, over 23.26 million individuals have claimed their NT$6,000 cash, with over 98% of the population receiving the universal cash handout through multiple channels. The deadline for claiming this universal cash handout is October 31, 2023. Furthermore, nationals born domestically between October 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023, who possess a birth certificate and whose birth mother or birth father qualifies, are also eligible to claim their NT$6,000 cash. Their universal cash handout can be claimed by the eligible birth mother or birth father via post office counter by January 31, 2024.

  The NTA would like to remind the public that, when going to the post office counter to claim the cash, please remember to bring the newborn's birth certificate and photo identification for the birth mother or birth father. If a representative is claiming on behalf of the birth mother or birth father, in addition to the mentioned documents, the representative must also provide their own photo identification.

  The NTA would like to reiterate that the government will not send text messages or emails to notify individuals about receiving money or logging in, nor will they make phone calls requesting ATM or online banking transactions. It is crucial for the public to remain vigilant and not fall for these scams in order to prevent personal information theft or fraud. If you encounter suspicious websites or messages, please immediately call the Anti-Fraud Hotline at 165 to prevent fraudulent incidents.


Contact Person: Director Wang, Shu-Yi

Contact number: +886-2-2322-8068

Issued:National Treasury Administration Release date:2023-09-20 Last updated:2023-09-23 Click times:316