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The National Property Administration (NPA) has assisted lessees of national land in the disaster-affected areas stricken by the recent torrential rains in handling measures related to rent reduction and exemption and homeland reconstruction

        In response to the damage caused by Typhoon Khanun and the recent torrential rains in some areas in Taiwan, the NPA has complied with the regulations governing matters directly related to the lessees of national lands, including rent reduction and exemption and homeland reconstruction, by reminding them to proceed with such matters at their earliest convenience.

        The NPA stated that, addressing the agricultural loss and aboveground houses severely damaged during the disaster and that can no longer be used, subordinate branches and offices of the NPA are instructed to take the following measures proactively in order to assist lessees affected by Typhoon Khanun and the hazardous torrential rains in speedy homeland reconstruction if the service area of such branches and offices is subordinated to the announced disaster-affected municipalities and counties (cities):

(1) Submit lease information to the Township/City/District Office to be provided with a list of disaster victims (in which the agreed percentage of rent reduction or redemption is stated), contact and request the disaster prevention and protection authority to investigate the degree of damage to the aboveground houses due to the disaster, in order to proceed with the rent reduction and redemption matters for national farmlands, cultural land, agricultural land, animal husbandry land, aquaculture land, and building lots.

(2) If recovery for the disaster-affected aboveground houses on national building lots appears necessary, the leasing authority shall issue a Consent Letter for the Land Use Rights immediately to assist in the recovery of such houses.

(3) Notifications of overdue rent and the collection of compensation for illegal occupancy may be postponed, including the temporarily suspension of the collection of rent arrears from lessees in disaster areas and the recovery of compensation for the use of the land by occupants. If any doubts arise regarding the rent reduction and exemption and homeland reconstruction, lessees of national lands may inquire at the NPA's nearest region branch or office or call the NPA's toll-free service line at 0800-357-666, to clarify matters in doubt.

        The NPA further advised that in order to prevent the spread of the local dengue fever epidemic, lessees of national lands should pay more attention to the cleaning of potential vector mosquito breeding sources after typhoons. The NPA has also instructed its subordinate branches and offices to strengthen the patrol inspection for national non-public use vacant land and houses and implement the cleaning of potential vector mosquito breeding sources so as to prevent the breeding of dengue vector mosquitoes, and reduce the risk of dengue fever outbreaks.

Press Release Contact: Wu, Wan-Zhen, Section Chief

Contact number: +886-27718121 ext. 1221

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2023-08-08 Last updated:2023-08-24 Click times:516