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23 finalists announced for the 19th Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects Golden Thumb Awards

    The Ministry of Finance’s 19th Golden Thumb Awards for Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects for this year began accepting applications from May to June 28, 2021, with a grand total of 33 projects participating in this honorable competition. Among them, 23 finalists were selected following the preliminary selection meetings from July 27, 2021 to Agust 10, 2021. The selection committee convened by the Ministry of Finance includes experts from the private sector, government, and academia with related professional knowledge and experience. (See attached list)
    According to the Ministry of Finance, this year’s finalists include 13 cases for the “Private Team Awards,” and 10 for the “Government Agency Award.” The projects cover sewage facilities, sports, parking lots, incubation centers, sanitation and medical, culture and education, tourism and recreation facilities, and other public infrastructure categories. There are diverse categories of infrastructure projects participating this year, including BOT, ROT, and OT. If a case’s team is selected for the “Private Team Awards” this year, the team will be given an extra bonus during the selection process when applying for other cases in the future, which is believed to encourage more domestic companies to continue to invest in their cases. Additionally, the Innovation Award was added. Government Agency teams with outstanding performance in promoting innovative policies will be awarded the Innovation Award as encouragement. In order to gain insight into the actual implementation, operation, supervision, and contract management situations of the finalists, the selection committee shall conduct on-site inspections.
    The Ministry of Finance further explained that after on-site examination, final evaluation meetings are scheduled to be held in October 2021 to select superior, outstanding, honorable mention, welfare, bilingual excellence, and innovation award winners. The awards ceremony will be held in December 2021. Subject to the pandemic conditions the final evaluations and the awards ceremony date may be revised. Related updates can be found on our official website https://ppp.mof.gov.tw/WWW/index.aspx
Press Contact: Hung Mei-Ching (Section Chief)
Telephone: (02)2322-8460

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