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Online processing Available for Declarations Covering TRQ Items

Keelung Customs (KLC) said: "The Rules for the Implementation of Tariff Rate Quotas (TRQs) was revised on September 23, 2020 to facilitate the procedure for writing off quotas through an online facility. And since then paperless transactions with Customs have been made available for import declarations covering TRQ products.“

KLC explained that, instead of over-the-counter paper-based operations, certain import declarations subject to documentary review (C2 declarations) had already been capable of being processed remotely by Customs computer, as long as the electronic versions of supporting documents of those declarations, such as packing lists, invoices, catalogues, and trade mark licenses, could be duly provided. However, before introducing the previously mentioned online facility, C2 declarations involving TRQ certificate reviews were not included in above Customs offsite paperless service. 

“To utilize the said facilitative service for TRQ imports, importers or their representatives need only to put the TRQ certificate number in each corresponding goods declaration and submit to Customs those declarations as well as other required documents via proprietary lines or internet. The declarations will then be handled by the Customs Information System. As such, no physical presence of declarants at Customs offices for presenting TRQ certificates is required. This will certainly save manpower, paper, and time for the trading community, “KLC added.

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2021-02-05 Last updated:2021-03-22 Click times:622