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Taipei Customs Continues Implementing the Policy of Zero Tolerance to Narcotics to Guard the Border

Taipei Customs stated that the total gross weight of seized drugs, in the first half year of 2023, had reached 992 kilograms, with brilliant performance in drug suppressing. In order to implement the policy of  "Zero Tolerance to Narcotics" by Executive Yuan, Taipei Customs will continue to suppress drug smuggling, so as to ensure the safety of homeland.
Taipei Customs pointed out more than half of the cases are exported from North America after the analysis of the seized cases. In addition, the types of seized drugs mainly include heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, ketamine, etc. As Thailand has become the first country in Asia to legalized marijuana since June, 2022. The seized number of marijuana and related drugs from Thailand has shown the tendency of increase recently.
Taipei Customs called on citizens not to mail, shop or carry marijuana and its related products, as well as commodities with ingredients of cannabis and THC more than 10ppm. In accordance with "Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act", marijuana and its related products is listed under the Category two narcotics. Offenders of manufacturing, transporting, selling, cultivating, transferring, possessing or taking Category two narcotics are in violation of the aforementioned act. Taipei Customs emphasized that it will continue to interdict drug smuggling to protect citizens' health.

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2023-10-17 Last updated:2023-10-17 Click times:466