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Taipei Customs Has Consecutively Taken Effective Measures to Suppress Cross-border Drug Trafficking

Taipei Customs has cooperated with Taiwan High Prosecutors office and other local district prosecutors office implementing the anti-drug project since 2022. The total cases of seized drugs were more than 350 in 2022, with an annual growth rate around 10%. Taipei Customs mentioned as the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and the border has been reopened since October 2022, traveling passengers have rebounded sharply. Taipei Customs will enhance suppression inward and outward passengers smuggling drugs.

Taipei Customs further stated that in order to combat cross-border drug trafficking, the customs will use multi-layer model to do the analysis of passengers from high-risk area, based on risk management incorporating random sampling factors, for deployment detection dogs to conduct examinations. Taipei Customs reiterate although marijuana has already been legalized in some countries, it is still listed under the Category two narcotics in Taiwan. In accordance with "Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act", offenders of manufacturing, transporting, selling, cultivating, transferring, possessing or taking Category two narcotics are in violation of the aforementioned act. In this regard, marijuana and its related products, such as THC vape oil, marijuana wax, marijuana gummies, marijuana cookies, etc., are also listed under the Category two narcotics if the ingredients of THC (causes euphoria and addiction) exceed 10ppm. Offenders of transporting or selling Category two narcotics may be subject to life imprisonment and a fine of no more than fifteen million New Taiwan dollars.
Taipei Customs calls on passengers not to smuggle, transfer or take narcotics and its products when they travel abroad, so as not to be penalized. 

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2023-06-19 Last updated:2023-06-19 Click times:952