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Keelung Customs Holds a Training Lecture for Warehouse Self-management Coordinators

Keelung Customs (KLC) held the first training lecture of 2023 in mid-September for warehouse self-management coordinators. There were two sessions of the lecture and were attended by a total of 242 people. To strengthen the management of warehouses, container yards, and self-management operators approved by the Customs, the Article 86 and 86-1 of the Customs Act were amended in 2022 to raise the fine for warehouses and container yards operators violating relevant regulations to up to NTD 3 million, and to add the penalties for self-management operators approved by the Customs that violate self-management regulations. Because the raise of fine mentioned above is not limited to self-management operators, KLC also invited operators that are not self-managing to attend the lecture. In the lecture, KLC specifically explained the principle of the amendment of the Article 86 of the Customs Act and provided case studies, hoping that the participants can fully understand the precautions of daily operation and collaborate with the Customs to maintain the safety of container and cargo movement.

KLC stated that in order to enhance the compliance with the law by the operators in its jurisdiction, it has continuously adopted corresponding measures. First, according to the individual risk level, KLC conducted differentiated audits on self-management warehouse operators in its jurisdiction. Second, KLC scheduled self-management key items to be reviewed item by item in order to replace the old routine audit system which were too repetitive. Third, KLC uniquely reviewed the daily work of every self-management coordinator. By strengthening the connection between the Customs audit officers and the self-management coordinators, all staff of warehouses can be aware of the Customs’ requests and can avoid violation of laws due to misunderstanding.

KLC reminded that self-management coordinators have to take training courses for at least 8 hours, 4 of which can be online courses on the governmental e-learning platform; the other 4 are in-person courses. Those who didn’t show up in in-person courses due to personal reasons should finish the courses before the end of 2023. For further information, please contact Warehouse Division, KLC at (02)24202951 ext. 1251.

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