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Advance Customs Broker Authorization System 2.0 for the consignees of import express shipments is implemented

    Taiwan Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance announces that the "Advance Customs Broker Authorization System 2.0" for import declaration of express consignments was launched on September 15, 2022. The public can set up their self-selected advance authorization functions on EZway, the real-name authentication APP. Following the completion of the setting, customs brokers must transmit the contents of declarations through push notification service to the consignees before declaring import goods with Customs in the name of the consignees. Customs will not accept the declaration until the online authorization is completed following the consignees’ response to the message that the content of the declaration conforms to the push notification of the customs broker, so as to deter customs declarations submitted with false identity.
    Customs Administration indicates that, prior to customs declaration of import goods, customs brokers had to be authorized by importers to file declaration to Customs. However, considering the need for speediness with express clearance, importers are not required to submit the power of attorney (letter of authorization) on a case-by-case basis, which makes it easy for unscrupulous people to import contraband by using others’ personal information. In addition to causing innocent people to suffer from administrative or criminal investigations, customs brokers may also be penalized for failing to complete authorized customs declaration. As a result, Customs Administration has been progressively promoting the “Advance Customs Broker Authorization System", whereby advance online authorization of customs declaration shall be completed with the EZWay APP prior to the declaration of express consignments; otherwise, customs import declaration will not be accepted by Customs.
    Customs Administration further indicates that the "Advance Customs Broker Authorization System" has been implemented since December 28, 2021. Initially, the scope of its implementation was limited to high-risk importers such as those who allegedly filed customs declaration with false identity and those who frequently failed to complete the authorization process following the release of goods. Since September 15, 2022, “Advance Customs Broker Authorization System" has been leveled up to its 2.0 version by adding the self-selected functions to the original System. Through gradually familiarizing the public with the operation of advance authorization of customs declaration, importers of express consignments are allowed to complete the online process with the EZway APP before their goods arrive in Taiwan, which allows more adjustment time for the operation of authorized customs declaration.
    Customs Administration calls on the public to check the push notification transmitted by the EZway APP and immediately confirm whether the goods, which are purchased from cross-border online shopping and delivered via the courier service, are actually imported by them, so as to facilitate the customs clearance of goods.

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Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2022-10-11 Last updated:2022-10-11 Click times:336