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KLC Ready for IOT Container Tracking System to Strengthen Cargo Movement Security

Keelung Customs (KLC) just briefed the launch of the IOT (Internet of Things) Container Tracking System at an open symposium held for all relevant stakeholders at its headquarters on Nov 30, 2021. KLC mentioned that the said System had been entering into testing phase and would go live soon. The Agency requested cooperation from the business sectors and urged them to work closely with Customs in implementing this System.

Since the end of 2018, KLC has been collaborating with Customs Administration for the establishment of the System; and recent completion of the Joint Center was the key step for realizing the project,” KLC emphasized. “Today, with all necessary software and hardware equipments in the Joint Center being settled and put in place; we are poised to launch this System,“added KLC.

KLC further indicated that, under the IOT Container Tracking System, all bonded trucks are required to install smart on-board units (OBU) and on-board diagnostic seals (OBD) once the above-mentioned system goes online. Such devices can record and transmit real time vehicle movement data back to the Joint Center which enables point-to-point cargo monitoring. IOT Container Tracking System not only can strengthen cargo movement security, but allow relevant stakeholders to collect and exchange relative data. As a result, it benefits both the government and the private sectors in terms of information sharing and logistics management enhancement and thus will reduce traders’ operating costs.

For more information about the System and other implementation details, please contact Inspection Division, KLC at 02-24202951 ext. 1131.

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2021-12-03 Last updated:2021-12-03 Click times:376