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The new office building of the National Property Administration introduced private sector participation to launch the clean procurement platform and create joint prosperity and joint benefits.

  The joint development and procurement project for the binding of two foundations with the creation of superficies regarding the National Property Administration’s in-situ renovation provides a premium office environment to employees of the National Property Administration, facilitates the development of national properties, and creates business opportunities. To avoid inappropriate interference and ensure the openness and transparency of procurement procedures, a clean procurement platform is established. The platform introduced prosecutors, AAC, TCIT, and other cross-field contact and communication systems, established an administrative transparency zone, disclosed information related to procurement projects for the public to examine and supervise, and improved information disclosure and transparency, avoiding unnecessary suspicions cast by external parties, and improving the clean image of the government.   

  The National Property Administration held the clean procurement platform declaration session for the joint development project of national land (Land No. 225, Sub-section 5, Ren’ai Section, Da’an District, Taipei City). Director-General Tseng hosted the session in person; Political Deputy Minister Chuang from the Ministry of Finance visited for guidance; Deputy Director-General Shen Feng-Liang, Agency Against Corruption, MOJ, Chief Prosecutor Chang, Chi-Yao, Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors Office, Managing Director Yeh, Yi-Chang, TCIT, and Director Chang, Hong-Chun, Civil Service Ethics Department, MOF, were invited to join the session. The Federation of the Real Estate Development Association of the Republic of China, Taiwan Architects Association, and CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc. also joined the session. The session was organized to improve the transparency of procurement procedures, enhance the intensity of external supervision, and facilitate and ensure the compliance and appropriateness of decisions and operations, thus preventing the occurrence of disputes and eliminating inappropriate interference and dispute. By doing so under the target of national asset activation and asset value creation, we hope to create a multi-win situation that allows employees to have the courage to assume responsibilities, allows companies to be willing to invest with ease, and gains trust from citizens.

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