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Customs optimizes Statistics Database Query by releasing more detailed country information

    The external trade statistics released at the website of Statistics Database Query (https://portal.sw.nat.gov.tw/APGA/GA35E) is an aggregate dataset of commodities and countries (areas). To provide a more comprehensive overview of trade statistics, the Customs Administration will release more detailed data on countries (areas).
    The Customs Administration explains that data on countries (areas) of import or export statistics is collected from the field of country of origin or last known destination on the customs declarations. To enrich external trade statistics, countries (areas) with less trade values are no longer to be published at the groups by continents. For example, countries with less trade values in Central America, such as Curacao and Cayman Islands, are published individually, instead of being combined as “OTH C A”. Likewise, Cook Islands, Niue, etc., are also not combined as “OTH OCEANIA”. Taiwan is not published as “OTHER” in the import statistics anymore as well. In 2020, continent-groups and “OTHER” accounted for 0.28% of total exports and 4.02% of total imports, while the share of 3.97% in total imports was contributed by Taiwan, whose leading commodity was electronic integrated circuits.
    The scope of recording has been amended since the General Trade System was adopted in 2016, which is recommended in “International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Concepts and Definitions 2010” published by the United Nations. The goods will be recorded in the trade statistics when they leave or enter economic territory. Increasingly, our top exported domestic goods, such as electronic integrated circuits, are shipped out for simple processing or delivered to global distribution center in other countries. Thus, the cases which Taiwan serves as a partner country in the import statistics are growing gradually, when the exported domestic goods are returned in the same state or without acquiring foreign origin through processing. In 2020,     Taiwan was our top 5th supplier of imports. It is normal for countries with thriving processing activities, such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, to publish itself as a partner county in the import statistics.
    Taking the increase of demand for detailed statistics into account, the Customs Administration will release trade statistics by countries (areas) individually, instead of by main countries (areas) or combined continent groups starting in August 2021. To provide time series data, the change is applied retrospectively since 2003.
    The Customs Administration not only provides trade statistics data at more detailed countries (areas) level but also optimizes interactive query interface by allowing users direct access to the year-to-date data of the current year. The Customs Administration is committed to enhancing user experience in exploring the trade statistics database. For any further questions, please contact: sta@customs.gov.tw.

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