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Simplify the Delivery for Land Use for Various Purposes to Improve the Management Function of National Properties

  To improve the function of national properties management, the Executive Yuan approved that the National Property Administration under the Ministry of Finance (the “NPA”) shall manage national non-public use lands wherever local governments build public facilities or where river zones and national parks are located. For those not involving paid appropriation or those without compensation, the appropriation procedures may be simplified by way of a list for the registration of changes to the administration authority with the joint application with the competent authorities of the respective industries. In response to the implementation of the “Ocean Taiwan” policy promulgated by the Executive Yuan and the Irrigation Act, the NPA restructured the Irrigation Association, making it into a governmental authority . Procedures for simplified delivery of national non-public use lands were established for general sea embankment areas and the irrigation facilities of the original Irrigation Association, respectively, to facilitate the delivery of lands and their takeover by the River Management Offices, Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the Irrigation Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, so as to achieve unified management and utilization.   

  In accordance with the national policies, besides establishing simplified delivery procedures regarding the lands for the above five types of land use as various purposes, the NPA establishes its target numbers each year and instructs its subordinate departments to prepare the list of such lands and submit it to the responsible authorities for confirmation before the joint application of changes to the administration authority. In 2021, the application of changes to the administration authority for over 12,000 pieces of land was completed, with an area reaching 1,848 hectares, allowing the competent authorities of the respective industries to effectively take over the lands required and achieve fruitful results.   

  According to the NPA, through the land delivery project above, the lands used as various purposes may be delivered to the competent authorities for management and utilization according to the usage of the respective businesses within the shortest period of time. In the future, the NPA will continue to actively assist authorities in securing national lands for public affairs or infrastructure projects and improve the utilization functions of national properties in local construction, river management, national land conservation, coastal security, and agriculture policies to increase public interest and allow citizens to enjoy premium living environments.

Contact person of the press release: Division Chief Chang, Chieh-Yu

Tel.: +886-27718121 ext. 1621

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2022-03-25 Last updated:2022-09-20 Click times:414