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Relevant Measures of Rent Reduction to Assist Lessees of National Lands in Disaster Areas Struck by Torrential Rain

In response to the recent disasters due to torrential rains in Taiwan, the National Property Administration (NPA) would like to remind lessees to apply for rent reduction as soon as possible in accordance with the relevant provisions of rent reduction for national lands.

According to the NPA, to help the lessees of the national lands in disaster areas struck by torrential rain from the damages of agricultural losses, the NPA has instructed its regional branches and offices to take the initiative in adopting the following measures with respects to those municipalities and counties (cities) in distress as announced in the jurisdiction: (1) Leasing information should be provided to the township (town/city/district) office of the jurisdiction for a list of lessees affected by disastrous losses (including the agreed percentage of rent reduction), to allow for the handling of the rent reduction matters for the leased national farmlands, breeding lands, farming lands, animal husbandry lands, and cultivation lands. (2) In the case of any subsequent torrential rains, the authorities in charge of disaster prevention and protection should be contacted to clarify the situation of the damage if there is damage to lessees' buildings above ground on the national building lands. Also, the leasing authority will issue a consent of land use right to assist in handling the matter if there is a need to repair a building after disaster. (3) Matters such as collection of rent arrears and recovery of use charge from occupiers are to be deferred for lessees in disaster areas.

As further indicated by the NPA, lessees of national land in disaster areas are welcome to make inquiries at the NPA's region branches and offices or call the NPA's toll-free service line at 0800-357-666, to clarify matters regarding rent reduction or building reconstruction.

Press Release Contact: Wu, Wan-Zhen, Section Chief
Contact Number: 02-27718121 ext. 1221

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2021-08-25 Last updated:2021-08-24 Click times:592