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NPA Amends Provisions to Help EPGs Promote Adoption, Expands Private and Public Efforts in National Land Conservation

    To help environmental protection groups (hereinafter referred to as EPGs) to promote adoption of national non-public use marginal land, the NPA has amended the “Principles for Provision of National Non-public Use Marginal Land for Adoption for Environmental Protection Purposes” (hereinafter referred to as these Principles) on October 19, 2023. In addition to encouraging EPGs in expanding the scope of adoption of national non-public use marginal land, it also adds provisions to allow EPGs to apply to install temporary buildings while performing environmental protection projects. This will greatly enhance the benefits of national land conservation through the efforts of the public and private sectors.

    The NPA has promoted EPGs to adopt national non-public use marginal land since 2019, which adds value to national land conservation through the efforts of the public and private sectors. It continually pays attention to the EPGs’ needs of performing the promotion of environmental protection projects, and collects their feedback for rolling amendment of the provisions. This provisions amendment focuses on encouraging EPGs to expand the scope of land adoption, and allows the EPGs to apply to expand adoption to lands adjacent to the original adopted, which can simplify the review procedure and enhance effectiveness. Secondly, if the EPGs have been evaluated as excellent more than twice (including twice) during the adoption period, and apply for the renewed adoption before the expiration of the original adoption, the review procedure may be simplified in recognition of their excellent performance. Moreover, in order to help the EPGs in matters of environmental maintenance, they may apply to install temporary buildings according to the local construction laws and regulations to enhance the adoption effectiveness. EPGs wishing to learn more about the content of the amendment to these Principles may inquire at their local NPA offices and branches.

    The NPA has signed 14 adoption contracts with 10 EPGs, including the Kaohsiung Wild Bird Society, which cover more than 2,043 hectares of national land. The policy effectiveness has already expanded across agencies throughout Taiwan. Presently, there are 10 banks matched to subsidize funds or co-organize events participating in the environmental protection adoption mechanism, to present results of cooperation between the state and private sectors. In addition, the NPA screens suitable national land information every 6 months to provide for the EPGs to evaluate and adopt, and has built a dedicated website for marginal land adoption, so as to welcome all EPGs to apply to the NPA for joint environmental protection and ecological conservation to achieve the vision of sustainable environmental operation.

Contact person of the press release: You Shu-Man, Section Chief

Tel.: +886-2-27718121 ext.1211

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2023-10-23 Last updated:2023-12-13 Click times:586