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Solar PV is hot now. The National Property Administration is publicly announcing the lease auction of 4 pieces of national non-public use land for lease by tender for the installation of solar PV equipment

In compliance with the renewable energy development policy of the government to increase the security and stability of energy supply in order to achieve the goal of a non-nuclear homeland by 2025, the National Property Administration, under the premises of the managed national non-public land being not under preservation nor for public use purposes, and complying with the regulations of the National Property Act, is actively deploying various methods of commissioned management, cooperating with target business supervisory agencies for improvement utilization, and lease auctions to provide land for the installation of solar PV equipment on the ground.

The National Property Administration, since the revised addition of Paragraph 1, Article 8 of the Regulations Governing the Lease of National Non-public Real Estate on April 9, 2019 and the promulgation of the Operating Regulations on Lease of National Non-public Land by Tender for Installation of solar PV equipment(hereinafter referred to as "lease by tender for solar PV") by the Ministry of Finance on the 25th of the same month of the same year, has been actively selecting suitable land for promoting lease auction of national land for solar PV business. Within one short year of the announcement of the above regulations and order, 4 batches for a total of 11 pieces of land have been publicly listed and announced. The bids awarded out are one in Miaoli County, two in Taichung City, three in ChiaYi County, one in Tainan City, and two in Kaohsiung City for a total of 9 and total area of 14.98 hectares. The total equipment capacity of the awarded bids is 19,014.835 peak kilowatts (kWP), at a bid-award rate of nearly 90%. The two batches that were just auctioned off in Dalin Township of Jiayi County in May of 2020 attracted as many as 21 closed bids. The rate of feedback fund ratio from the bid winner on one of the land reached 23.8% (the base price is 3%), a new record high, indicating that the quality auction objects by the National Property Administration are well received by the photovoltaic companies.

The National Property Administration selected another four pieces of land in Guanyin District of Taoyuan City, Chunan Township of Miaoli County, Gueiren District of Tainan City, and Ligang Village of Pingtung County for a total of 2.87 hectares to be publicly announced by the Northern, Central, and Southern District Branch Offices today (the 15th) and to be auctioned off on July 15th. The related auction information is disclosed under ‘Tender Information’ in the websites of the Northern, Central, and Southern District Branch Offices. The national land in Guanyin District of Taoyuan City is released for the first time by the Northern District Branch Office for the purpose of lease by tender for solar PV. It’s an agricultural/grazing land located in general agricultural zone. The area is 1.1 hectares and the location and conditions of the land are excellent. All the photovoltaic companies are warmly welcome to make a bid.

In the future, the National Property Administration will continue to select land highly suitable for the lease by tender for solar PV and perform the operations related to the announcement and lease by tender, so as to implement the government's policies of energy security, green economy and environmental sustainability.


Contact person for press release: Chief Yang Li Sheng
Contact Tel: 02-27718121 ext. 1241

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2020-07-01 Last updated:2020-09-25 Click times:363