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Export permits issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs prior to the exportation of FTZ specific goods are a prerequisite for expedited clearance processing

The EU, the UK, and the US have imposed the anti-dumping and countervailing duties on specific Chinese goods. In order to prevent those goods from being transshipped via free trade zones of Taiwan to aforementioned countries to avoid anti-dumping and countervailing duties, which may lead to the anti-circumvention investigations launched by the EU and other countries that affect the rights and interests of law-abiding manufacturers in Taiwan, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), according to Article 16 of the Act for the Establishment and Management of Free Trade Zones, announced that goods exported from free trade zones to the following countries should be attached with export permits issued by the MOEA.

. The exportation of goods such as bicycles, aluminum tire rims, electric assisted bicycles and steel products destined for the EU.

II. The exportation of goods such as bicycles, aluminum tire rims, electric assisted bicycles destined for the UK.

III. The exportation of goods such as bicycles and electric-auxiliary bicycles exported to the U.S. 

The Customs Administration further expressed that, in accordance with the announcement by the MOEA, Customs has implemented declaration management through the customs clearance system. If the goods of F5 export declaration submitted by business enterprises conform to the aforementioned conditions, in addition to filling the numbers and items of the export permits, the code of the Country of Destination should also be filled in. If the country code is not filled in or incorrectly filled in, the system will not accept the declaration. 

The Customs Administration emphasizes the importance of filling in the declaration form as required to speed up the customs clearance process. A detailed explanation of the declaration and the information regarding classification of goods can be found in Section 12, Chapter 8 of the Manual of Advance Cargo Clearance System (Export). If you need further information, please contact the Customs Administration. 


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