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Customs employs interactive data visualization to help users explore trade statistics datasets more easily

Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance says that the "Latest Infographics," which was launched in 2020 on the "Statistics Database Query" website (https://portal.sw.nat.gov.tw/APGA/GA28E) to help visualize the latest trade statistics, underwent optimization in September 2023 and was transformed into "Interactive Data Visualization" to meet user demands and improve user experience.
Customs Administration explains that "Latest Infographics" contained static graphs that could help users to understand and analyze datasets. However, the information displayed was producer-oriented and limited by the size of the graphs and the webpage. To improve quality of service, the user-oriented "Interactive Data Visualization" is launched.
In "Interactive Data Visualization", the function of information displayed is enhanced through the use of interactive design. Though the layout is simplified from 10 static graphs to 3 sets of interactive visualizations, "trade trend,""commodity," and "trade partners," the information displayed increases. Users can select the target commodity or trade partner. The selection of the parameters causes the change of visualizations. Users can also access detailed information such as the distribution of trade partners in a selected commodity and the composition of import/export goods for a selected trade partner. In addition, it's easier to visualize data for a specific reference month/year within 25 months or 15 years. Simply change the time scale(monthly or yearly), move the mouse over the trend graph and the relevant graphs for a given reference period will be displayed simultaneously. The interactive design is more user-friendly and flexible.
The new "Interactive Data Visualization" is simple and directly manipulated, allowing users to filter data elements, change reference periods, access detailed data, print and download by pointing and clicking. Customs Administration encourages users to make more use of it.
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