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Accelerate Promotion of National Property Operations by Integrating and Connecting to Graphic Information from All Agencies

    To speed up the completion of a large number of national land survey cases, and stay completely updated on current usage of the land, the National Property Administration (hereinafter referred to as NPA) has integrated and connected the graphic information from all agencies to establish and enhance the information system, aid the surveying of national lands, and facilitate the promotion of operations.

    According to the NPA, surveys are the foundations for all national property operations. Cases involving citizens’ application for leasing or purchase, government authorities’ appropriation applications or cooperative improvements and re-utilizations, and other cases all rely on the survey results as guidelines to conduct inspections. Many national lands are newly obtained by the NPA every year; therefore, survey operations must also be conducted for these lands. The NPA has limited human resources, so to speed up the survey operations, the NPA coordinates with the Department of Land Administration (hereinafter referred to as DLA), Ministry of the Interior for its provision of land administration registration records and cadastral maps on a regular basis. It also coordinates with the National Land Surveying and Mapping Center (hereinafter referred to as NLSC) for its provision of up-to-date Taiwan e-Maps; with the Construction and Planning Agency for its provision of zoning maps; and with the Aerial Survey Office, Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan (hereinafter referred to as ASO) for its provision of graphic information such as the colored orthophoto map of the Taiwan and Penghu area. The information gathered will be transferred into the NPA’s geographic information system (hereinafter referred to as GIS) for national lands, where the graphic information and internal management information from all agencies can be integrated to provide survey operational references for staff in charge of the survey.

    To improve survey efficiency and promote various operations, the NPA further stated that it has implemented smart mobile devices into their establishment of the Taiwan Geospatial One Stop display, and the mobile version for an external network of the GIS for national lands. The NPA has also connected it to the public land registration information service provided by the DLA, MOI, the 7 Web Map Tile Services (WMTS) provided by NLSC, and 3 web mapping services (WMS) provided by the ASO, including the orthophoto mosaic of the entire Taiwan area and others. These can be used when staff are performing pre-survey information research, map overlaying, during-survey location identification, orientation, and investigation of the current status of land use, and for post-survey result tabulation and generating sketch maps for the land use status. The NPA will continue to supply the necessary graphic information for operations, and provide integration to aid survey operations and accelerate the promotion of national property operations.

Contact person of the press release: Hou Chiung-Lin, Section Chief

Tel.: +886-2-27718121 ext.1111

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2023-03-06 Last updated:2023-03-20 Click times:297