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Keelung Customs’ Outstanding Performances on Anti-smuggling Operations

Keelung Customs (KLC) stated that maritime containers are likely to be used as covers for smuggling because they are huge and contain various kinds of cargos. In order to protect public health and secure the border, KLC not only continues anti-smuggling operations, but also pay extra attention to smuggled drugs, ammunitions, controlled agricultural products, cigarettes, and food infected with animal and plant diseases. KLC performed outstanding anti-smuggling operations in 2023, showing the determination to combat smuggling.

In 2023, 14 cases of smuggled drugs, mostly marijuana and ketamine, were seized with a total gross weight of 660 kilograms. As for firearms and ammunition, 8 used MANPADS barrels and 1 imitation firearm were seized. As for controlled agricultural products, 8,210 kilograms of mushrooms and 891 kilograms of garlic smuggled from Mainland China were seized, mainly hidden within maritime cargos. As for smuggled cigarettes, KLC seized 126,104 cigarettes, 605,040 heated tobacco products, 800 e-cigarettes, 295 bottles of e-liquid, and other smoking apparatuses, mainly hidden within maritime express cargos. As for African Swine Fever, 33 cases of pork products or products that contain pork were seized with a total weight of 27 kilograms, and they were mainly hidden within parcels.

KLC indicated that it requires all Customs officers’ endeavor and ally agencies’ assistance to ensure national tax revenue, maintain a safe society, and protect people’s health. In addition to reinforcing anti-smuggling operations, KLC will keep cooperating and exchanging intelligence with other anti-smuggling agencies in order to target suspicious smugglers and smuggling hotspots. By analyzing cases and reinforcing the interception of high-risk cargos, KLC will spare no effort to crack down on illegal activities and guard the border.

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2024-02-20 Last updated:2024-03-22 Click times:236