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Winners of the Golden Thumb Awards are announced, “Better PPP, Better Taiwan” series events to kick off!

       The 20th Golden Thumb Awards winners for private participation in public construction projects have been announced! A total of 10 outstanding projects are to be awarded, including 4 Government Agency Awards and 6 Private Agency Awards. The evaluation committee also selected 1 Innovation Award and 3 Welfare Awards from the awarded projects (please refer to the appendix). This year, the Department of Health, New Taipei City Government won the Government Team's High Distinction Award with the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Project of New Taipei City Tucheng Hospital, and China Medical University Hospital won the Private Team's High Distinction Award with the Tainan Municipal An-Nan Hospital BOT project. In addition, the Chang Gung Medical Foundation won both the Private Team's Superior Award and the Welfare Award, making all the institutions the big winners of this year's Golden Thumb Awards.
       The Golden Thumb Awards award ceremony is scheduled to take place at the Taipei International Convention Center on November 18th, 2022. The Ministry of Finance stated that for the current Golden Thumb Awards, they have expanded the reward of the Private Agency Award, including an application margin reduction offer for the awarded team members by the organizer and an opportunity to negotiate royalty reduction for winning the case with the organizer. The Ministry of Finance also will extend the winning project promotion by writing a formal information letter about the announcement of Golden Thumb Awards winners to the agencies, hoping to encourage the dedicated teams and members with substantial rewards, so congratulation to all winning teams!
       The Act for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects ("the Act") was enacted and promulgated on February 9, 2000 and has been in effect for 22 years. The accumulation of 1,500 private participants in infrastructure projects attracted more than NT$900 billion of private investment. It has permeated the daily lives of people in various fields, including food, medicine, housing, accommodation, education, and entertainment. Meanwhile, the amendment of the Act draft was reviewed and concluded by the Finance Committee of the Legislative Yuan on May 19, 2022, and is expected to pass the Legislative Yuan's third reading soon. The amendment includes 20 articles, making it the most revisions in the Act's history, and would be coined as the "Promotion of Private Participation 2.0" after its passage. The new amendments are expected to introduce more private techniques and investment to accelerate the domestic infrastructure construction management and provision of public services, leading to a new era of the Promotion of Private Participation.
       This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Golden Thumb Awards, and the Promotion of Private Participation 2.0 is also expected to pass legislative reading. To enhance the effectiveness of the private participation projects promotion, the Ministry of Finance will roll out a series of events called "Better PPP, Better Taiwan." This series comprises of the New Era of PPP Launching Ceremony, PPP Seminar, PPP Business Executive Café Seminar, PPP Benchmark Project Observation Event, and the 20th Golden Thumb Awards Award Ceremony. The registration of the series event is very active and has accumulated 600 attendees at present. All sectors are welcome to participate. For more details, kindly visit the Ministry of Finance's Promotion of Private Participation website (https://reurl.cc/Qb1Xo2).
       "Promotion of Private Participation 2.0" will have more diverse public constructions expected to attract private enterprises to join the public-private partnership, enabling the government, enterprises, and the public to enjoy the benefits brought by the promotion of private participation in the future. "Better PPP, Better Taiwan" looks to provide better public services to the people of Taiwan.

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