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The Finance Minister, Dr. Jain-Rong Su, attended the 29th APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting; facilitated international fiscal cooperation

The Finance Minister, Dr. Jain-Rong Su, led a delegation and attended the 29th APEC Finance Ministers' Meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand from Oct. 19 to 20, revealing Taiwan's perspective in the meeting and yielding a fruitful result, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said.


Minister Su shared in the meeting Taiwan's policies and experiences with APEC economies. For instance, he addressed Taiwan's introduction of an income tax filing, paying, and receiving a refund service through mobile phones to the general public. The MOF is now adopting AI and big data analytics to support the implementation of fiscal policy, facilitating taxpayers' compliance, and ensuring tax collection efficiency. He also mentioned Taiwan's promotion of green financing initiatives to guide financial markets and whole sectors to put more emphasis on sustainable development and climate change in supporting a net zero transition, so as to encourage financial institutions to participate in sustainable finance to develop Taiwan's financial ecosystem.


The MOF further indicated that Minister Su met with representatives from APEC economies and discussed promoting international cooperation in areas such as taxation and customs to strengthen Taiwan's international fiscal relationships. He also provided delegates from international organizations with his insights into the global economy and Taiwan's fiscal policy. These all would be helpful for facilitating fiscal diplomacy and international fiscal cooperation.


Contact person: Ms. Vera Wei-Nung Lee, Section Chief.  
Contact Number: (02)2322-8000#8582

Issued:Dept. of International Fiscal Affairs Release date:2022-11-02 Last updated:2023-09-22 Click times:1062