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Customs Administration Releases New Edition of "Taiwan Customs in Brief" for Reference and Utilization by All

Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance stated that the new edition of "Taiwan Customs in Brief," compiled in both Chinese and English, is made available for reference. In addition to providing an overview of customs clearance and taxation, border inspections, international customs affairs, and customs museum, the journal also covers customs tax collection, bonded processes, tax rebates for exported products, and trade statistics.
Customs Administration further stated that in order to let the public understand the current status of the implementation and related business of Customs policies, the Administration published the "Customs Annual Report" and the "Taiwan Customs in Brief" every year for public reference. In order to achieve the purpose of saving energy and paper, carbon reduction, and in line with the national bilingual policy, the two journals were consolidated into a single journal named "Taiwan Customs in Brief" starting this year. The publication will be made available in both Chinese and English versions, offering readers more accessibility. 
Customs Administration explained that "Taiwan Customs in Brief" has been compiled and can be downloaded from the official website (
https://web.customs.gov.tw/en/multiplehtml/3337) or be purchased as a paper copy from the Government Publications Bookstore (Tel. 02-25180207, website: https://www.govbooks.com.tw) and the Wu-nan Culture Enterprise (Tel: 04-22260330, website: http://www.wunanbooks.com.tw). The past issues also can be downloaded from the Customs website. We welcome the public to keep abreast of the planning, promotion, and development of Customs affairs.
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Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2023-12-26 Last updated:2024-02-19 Click times:517