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Comprehensive Appropriation Directions Are Beneficial for Agencies to Acquire National Properties for Various Projects

  The National Property Administration, MOF (the “NPA”) has long been assisting agencies in acquiring national real estate in accordance with laws required for various construction projects, to minimize government agencies making land acquisitions from the private sector, or expropriating private real estate for construction projects, thus reducing construction costs. Each year, the NPA assists agencies in acquiring several thousand pieces of national lands through appropriation. In 2021, the acquisitions exceeded ten thousand pieces of land, with an area over 2,000 hectares. Specifically, national real estate required by significant policies of social housing, long-term care 2.0, and the Salute to the Sea Project actively promoted by the Executive Yuan were included. As of September 2021, the NPA has assisted in the appropriation of national real estate required for 48 social housing projects, 12 long-term care service projects, and 72 coastal region facilities, with an area of 23.2 hectares, 23.9 hectares, and 140.1 hectares, respectively.

  With such a large volume, a comprehensive appropriation operating system is of the utmost importance. To smoothly implement the national real estate appropriation operations, the MOF established and promulgated the Directions for Appropriation of National Real Estate in 1986, for all agencies to observe. According to the current procedures, when agencies intend to appropriate national real estate, according to the law, they shall submit the usage plan and drawings. After reporting to their superior agencies for confirmation, such applications will be forwarded to the NPA for processing. After the NPA confirms that the applications comply with requirements, upon review, the NPA will prepare a draft letter on the Executive Yuan’s behalf and submit the draft to the MOF for approval of the appropriation. Over the years, the NPA has continued to examine and improve the appropriation operations according to the practices, and report to the MOF in due course to amend the Directions. So far, the Directions have been amended 12 times, with the latest being the amendment to Article 10 issued by the MOF on October 5, 2021.

  According to the NPA, it will continue examining the appropriation directions on a regular basis to provide a smooth national real estate appropriation process for agencies, to facilitate the promotion of various construction projects.

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