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Producers and Importers of Tobacco and Alcohol Business Shall Pay the 2022 Annual Permit Fee before the End of 2021

The National Treasury Administration of the Ministry of Finance has expressed that the printed bilingual bills of the annual permit fee of 2022 for the producers and importers of tobacco and/or alcohol businesses were sent via post last month and should have been received by now. The producers and importers shall follow the instructions on the back side of the bill and finish payment before the end of the year 2021.
According to Article 23 of the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act, producers and importers of tobacco and/or alcohol businesses shall pay the annual permit fee yearly. If a tobacco and/or alcohol producer or importer has not paid the annual permit fee, and is notified by the central competent authority to pay within a specified deadline but fails to do so, then in addition to the handling of the matter in accordance with the Charges and Fees Act, including a delinquency charge and interest penalty as well the case being referred to compulsory execution, its establishment permit shall be revoked.
Any producers and importers of tobacco and alcohol businesses mentioned above with questions regarding the printed bill or how to make the payment are welcome to contact the responding staff by calling 02-23228000 ext. 7465~7471.
Contact Person : Ms. Chiu, Mei-Ling, Department of Tobacco and Alcohol Management, National Treasury Administration, Ministry of Finance
Telephone: 02-23228000 ext. 7465

Issued:National Treasury Administration Release date:2021-12-13 Last updated:2021-12-13 Click times:224