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Certificate Public Bookkeeper Information

About Certificate Public Bookkeeper

Any national of the Republic of China who has passed the certified public bookkeepers examination and has been issued a public bookkeeper certificate may practice as a certified public bookkeeper.


Before conducting professional services, a certified public bookkeeper shall apply with the competent authorities for official registration.


A registered certified public bookkeeper may not provide professional services, unless he/she has joined a certified public bookkeepers association. The certified public bookkeepers association shall not repudiate the admission of any applicant qualified to be a member of the association.

Supplemental Provisions

Foreign nationals may obtain a certificate of certified public bookkeeper, and may act as a certified public bookkeeper in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
Any foreign national who performs the professional activities of a certified public bookkeeper in the territory of the Republic of China shall observe and comply with all the laws and regulations and the relevant articles of association.


Issued:Taxation Administration Release date:2020-12-15 Last updated:2020-12-15 Click times:2389