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Press Releases Statements(News)

No. Title Publish time
1 Statistical Bulletin No.18-Taiwan's goods trade surplus in 2022 is unlikely to improve on last year's record, whereas South Korea's goods trade may turn into deficit after 14 years 2022-09-22
2 Statistical Bulletin No.17- In the past 10 years, the public donated a total of 65 million NT dollars to the national treasury, with the largest amount being 23.1 million NT dollars 2022-09-15
3 Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for August 2022 2022-09-12
4 Summary of Exports and Imports for August 2022 2022-09-07
5 Release of 2019 statistical book of assessed profit-seeking enterprise income tax filing data 2022-08-18
6 Statistical Bulletin No.16 - In Taiwan, per tax administration staff served 2,689 citizens in 2019. The proportion of female staff was 78.7%, higher than neighboring countries and regions. 2022-08-18
7 Statistical Bulletin No.15 - Gold accounts for more than 60% of Taiwan's precious metal imports, and palladium has grown nearly four times in the past 10 years the most among all precious metals 2022-08-11
8 Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for July 2022 2022-08-10
9 Summary of Exports and Imports for July 2022 2022-08-08
10 Release of 2021 Yearbook of Gender Statistics, Ministry of Finance 2022-08-01
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