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Press Releases Statements(News)

No. Title Publish time
1 MOF Issues “A10107 R” 10-Year Central Government Bond 2021-07-15
2 MOF Issues “110-6” Treasury Bills 2021-07-15
3 MOF Issues “A10108” 5-Year Central Government Bond 2021-07-06
4 CABEI Country Office in Taiwan has started to operate, the first in Asia. 2021-07-06
5 The Announcement of Government Bond and Treasury Bill Issuance in the 3rd Quarter of FY2021 2021-06-23
6 MOF Issues “A10107” 10-Year Central Government Bond 2021-05-27
7 MOF Issues “A10106” 2-Year Central Government Bond 2021-05-27
8 The National Financial Stabilization Fund will closely monitor the changes in stock markets to take appropriate measure. 2021-05-17
9 MOF Issues “A10105” 20-Year Central Government Bond 2021-04-28
10 CABEI plans to open Country Office in Taiwan, the first in Asia. 2021-04-23
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