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Customs Administration held the Simulation International Video Conference focusing on digital customs issues

The Customs Administration expressed that in order to cope with the rapidly changing global economic and trade environment, to facilitate customs clearance, as well as to ensure supply chain security, Customs should closely follow the latest trends of customs affairs and endeavor to be in line with international standards.
For the purpose of nurturing talents with an international view and enhancing their ability to handle relevant affairs, each year the Customs Administration organizes two Simulation International Video Conferences to enable colleagues to share and discuss major customs issues. The proceedings are conducted in English.
The Customs Administration mentioned that “with a good level of attendance, the first Simulation of International Video Conference was successfully held on the morning of June 8.” The colleagues from Customs Administration and field Customs actively participated in the Conference, while the colleagues from Taipei Customs and Taichung Customs made excellent presentations.
This Conference featured presentations covering some significant topics such as “The Panorama of Waste Trafficking,” “A Manifest Monitoring Model as a Support for Customs Risk Management: Evidence from Taichung,” “Artificial Intelligence and X-Ray Image Recognition,” and “Introduction to Blockchain.” Many participants raised questions about the briefings and triggered intense discussion. The aforementioned presentations also conformed to one of the major issues adopted by WCO this year, namely “embracing digital transformation and advanced technologies to enable renewal.”
“According to the post-event questionnaire, a lot of participants expressed that they derived much benefit from the informative briefings and that such an exercise is very helpful in improving English ability,” noted the Customs Administration.
The Customs Administration further stated that in order to cooperate with the policy of “Blueprint for Developing Taiwan into a Bilingual Nation by 2030,” Customs is committed to establishing a good bilingual learning environment and encouraging colleagues to participate in foreign language courses or training to strengthen their international competitiveness.

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