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The 20th Golden Thumb Awards for the Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects Sees 31 Teams Competing

        The 20th Golden Thumb Awards for Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects for this year began accepting applications on May 3, 2022. As of June 30, a grand total of 31 teams have applied for participating in this honorable competition, the highest number of applications for “Private Team Awards” in six years! The number of applications for “Public Welfare Award” is also the highest ever, which shows the commitment of private institutions to fulfill their corporate social responsibility and promote the growing importance of the Golden Thumb Award.

The Ministry of Finance states that the “2022 Revision of the Regulations for awarding the Golden Thumb Award” was amended to include more diversified ways of awarding the “Private Team Awards.” The awarded team's record will be included in the future screening of public participation cases, and the team can negotiate with government agencies to reduce the royalties derived from the project. The reward period for special-award cases is held up to a maximum of three years. We believe that real, sustainable incentives will attract more excellent domestic companies to invest and participate in infrastructure projects, which will improve the quality of the public services and construction.

This year, there are 20 cases in the “Private Team Awards” category, including five BOT cases, three ROT cases, one BOO case, and 11 OT cases. Eleven of those have signed up for the “Public Welfare Award” and three applied for the “Bilingual Excellence Award.” There are 11 “Government Agency Award” candidates, including four BOT cases, one ROT case, five OT cases, and 1 other ordinance case. Among those eleven projects, six cases are partaking in both the government agency and the private institutions categories, which shows that they jointly handled their projects in both areas with high quality and honor.

This year's application focuses are diverse, including transportation construction facilities, environmental pollution control facilities, sewage facilities, medical facilities, agricultural facilities, cultural and educational facilities, and more. This clearly shows that the infrastructure project cases are being closely intertwined and integrated into the society in recent years.

The first phase of evaluation and announcement of the finalists for the “Golden Thumb Award” is expected to be completed by the end of August 2022. The on-site inspection of the projects and the second phase of the evaluation process will be adjusted according to the local COVID-19 epidemic situation. The latest information is available in the Golden Thumb Award section on the Ministry of Finance's Promotion of Private Participation website (https://ppp.mof.gov.tw/WWW/index.aspx).


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