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The National Property Administration (NPA) announces the leasing of 23 national houses and lands to subleasing businesses, the opening of the tender will be on September 12, NPA looks forward to another success

        In order to increase the approaches to revitalize and utilize national non-public use houses and lands, the NPA actively promotes the leasing of national houses and lands that comply with the regulations of the "Rental Housing Market Development and Regulation Act" to rental housing subleasing businesses (hereinafter referred to as subleasing business) by tender, so that such houses and lands may be sub-leased to sub-lessee tenants for residential use (hereinafter referred to as the "subleasing of national houses and lands"). Region branches of the Administration have announced four cases of tender covering a total of 23 houses and lands located in Taoyuan City (five units), Taichung City (ten units), Kaohsiung City (five units), and Tainan City (three units). The opening of the tender is scheduled to take place on September 12, subleasing businesses are more than welcome to participate in the tender.

        According to the National Property Administration, the 34 units announced for leasing in the in the first half of the year 2023 were all awarded, indicating an obvious marketability in the subleasing of national houses and lands. Among the targets announced for tender, the targets in Taoyuan City are located in Zhongli, Bade, and Taoyuan Districts, near hypermarkets and traditional markets. The transportation is convenient and shopping for daily necessities is highly efficient and enjoyable. The targets in Taichung City are located in Beitun and Daya Districts near Zhongqing Road where tenants have convenient access to facilities and functions in their daily lives; four of the units are independent buildings. The targets in Kaohsiung City are located in Sanmin and Fengshan Districts. The targets in Sanmin District are nearby Kaohsiung Main Station and Kaohsiung Medical University respectively, and the targets in Fengshan District are located near Wujia 2nd Road and Jingwu Road in the densely populated area with convenient transportation. The targets in Tainan City are located in the East, Annan, and Rende Districts and are all two-story houses. The houses in Annan, and Rende Districts are spacious, suitable for petit bourgeois, and contributes to a good quality of life. The relevant tender information will be posted on the official websites of the Northern, Central, and Southern Region Branches of the Administration, subleasing businesses are more than welcome to participate and bid before the closing time for the submission of tenders.

       The NPA will continue to select suitable national house and land targets to be leased for subleasing. The Administration is expecting to launch tender announcements in October, in the hope of expanding the supply of rental housing in the market and meeting the public's demand for rental housing. It is also the NPA's objective to promote public policy and implement the goal of the sustainable development of national property through public-private partnerships.

Press Release Contact: Yang Li-Sheng, Section Chief

Contact number: +886-27718121 ext. 1241

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2023-09-04 Last updated:2023-12-25 Click times:275