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Payers using online payment for Customs duties and fees should re-apply for authorized transfer via designated account 

The current online payment method for Customs duties and fees, which requires the payer to apply for financial transfer through a designated account through the “Electronic Government Service Platform” (e-Government Platform) of the National Development Council, will terminate electronic payment services in 2022. The exact date is yet to be determined and announced. To comply with the personal asset management and control authorization agreement, payers who had authorized transfers using designated accounts must re-apply for authorized transfers.

In order to facilitate the applications of about 3,600 payers for transfer authorization via designated accounts, Customs Administration has established the “(TP001) Agreed Account Authorized Transfer Application Operation” at the “Customs-Port-Trade Single Window.”  Online application is quick and easy. Customs Administration urges payers to apply as soon as possible to protect their interests. If the application is not completed within the specified deadline, the payer may still use online small-amount transfer or chip financial card transfer to pay the tax, but is subject to the daily limit on the cumulative maximum payment amount.

Customs Administration further stated that, emails have been sent to notify payers to submit applications for designated account authorization, and the “Customs-Port-Trade Single Window/Tax Fee Payment System/(TP001) Agreed Account Authorized Transfer Application Operation” is used for online processing with an electronic certificate. The applicant should print out the application form in duplicate, and mail it to the Bank of Taiwan Yenping Branch [Address: No. 406, Nanjing W. Rd., Datong District, Taipei City 103, Taiwan] by registered mail. Customs Administration will notify the applicant of the audit result by email after the bank verification (about 20 business days).

If you have any questions, please dial the toll-free customer service hotline on 0800-299-889 to receive one-on-one service and assistance.

Phone: (02)2550-5500 ext.2304

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2022-07-26 Last updated:2022-07-26 Click times:551