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The filing deadline for 2023 income tax return is May 31, 2024 

As of May 29, 2024, 6,308,951 individual income tax returns have been filed, with a ratio of 95.11% of the total individual income tax returns compared to 2022 (6,633,016); and 1,013,230  profit-seeking enterprise annual income tax returns have been filed, with a ratio of 95.69% of the total profit-seeking enterprise income tax returns compared to 2022 (1,058,861).

The Ministry of Finance reminds taxpayers to file income tax returns by May 31, 2024. Taxpayers can conveniently file their tax returns via “The e-Filing and Tax Payment Service of the Ministry of Finance” (https://tax.nat.gov.tw/index.html) online. Moreover, a variety of tax payment channels are available to facilitate the process of paying taxes.

The Ministry of Finance further states that in order to assist taxpayers filing their income tax returns, the National Taxation Bureaus will extend our assistance service hours until 7 PM on May 31. Taxpayers in need are encouraged to take advantage of this service and visit the National Taxation Bureau to file their tax returns.

If there are any questions, please dial 0800-000-321 for inquiries.

Contact person and number:
Profit-seeking enterprise income tax: Mr. Tsai, Section Chief
Individual income tax: Ms. Chiu, Section Chief

Issued:Taxation Administration Release date:2024-05-30 Last updated:2024-05-30 Click times:232