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Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Land Surveys through Inter-Agency Integration and Sharing Map Data and Resources

To accelerate the surveying of extensive national land holdings as well as improve the efficiency and accuracy of such surveys, the National Property Administration (NPA) is consolidating map data and internal administrative data provided by each agency. An information system with improved functionality is also being developed for supporting survey operations and business processes.

According to the NPA, surveys form the foundations of all national property affairs. All applications to buy or lease from the private sector as well as requests for appropriation and cooperation on improvement from the public sector must all be reviewed based on their survey outcomes. All land taken over by the NPA each year must be surveyed which creates a massive number of cases. The NPA is seeking to accelerate the survey process by coordinating with other agencies to receive regular map updates. These include land registration and cadastral maps from the MOI Dept. of Land Administration, and Taiwan e-Map data from the National Land Surveying and Mapping Center (NLSC); colored orthophoto maps of Taiwan and Penghu from the Aerial Survey Office of Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture (AFASI). The national land geographic information system (GIS) of the NPA integrates the map data and internal administration information from each agency to provide surveyors with a reference. Having a clear picture of the current usage of national and non-public use land improves the quality of survey outcomes.

The NPA added that it is using information technology to improve survey efficiency even more. Smart mobile devices were leveraged to develop a survey support system, national land GIS, and a mobile platform for external networks. These interface with the Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and Web Map Service (WMS) provided by NLSC and AFASI to enable pre-survey research by surveyors, stacking of map overlays, geographic positioning during surveys, investigation of current usage, as well as the preparation of post-survey reports and sketch maps. The NPA will continue to leverage information technology to update and integrate map data more effectively in the future. Information system services will also be enhanced to better support survey operations and accelerate the processing of all case types.


Press Release Contact: Hou, Chiung-Lin, Section Chief

Contact Number: 02-27718121 ext. 1111

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2021-03-08 Last updated:2021-03-08 Click times:558