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Keelung Customs Calls on Traders to Meet Country of Origin Labeling Requirements

Keelung Customs (KLC) stated that the origin of import commodities shall be displayed correctly; namely, false or misleading labels are forbidden. If such situation happens, traders should apply for re-labeling so that the commodities could be imported, and may get further punishment by the International Trade Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs or other relevant agencies.

KLC further explained that according to current import regulations, imports such as footwear, ceramic tiles, non-medical masks and certain textiles like garments, towels, socks and bedding are label-required. As to other commodities that are not label-required, the country of origin mustn’t be false or misleading if they are labeled.

Below are some examples of misleading labels that we have found recently:
1. Using recycled cartons or other products’ wrapping that caused inconsistency as to the country of origin.
2. Marking the country, place, company, address, phone number, website address or trademark, etc. which has nothing to do with the origin, while not identifying the name of the domestic importer, agent or distributor. For example, Vietnam carpets with the name and address of Taiwan manufacturer.

In order not to cause confusion on country of origin to the public, KLC emphasized again that traders shall confirm the origin of commodities and label correctly prior to importation for smooth clearance and to avoid penalties. For more information, please contact Import Division, KLC at 02-24202951 ext. 2210.

Keelung Customs Calls on Traders to Meet Country of Origin Labeling Requirements

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2024-05-22 Last updated:2024-05-22 Click times:176