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National land provides green beautification for a quality community environment

For the national non-public land without any disposition plan, the National Property Administration has set the ‘Disposal Directions for National Non-public Use Land Provided for Afforestation and Beautification Purposes’ in order to enhance land management efficiency and to beautify the landscape of the environment.  Any central agency, local government, appropriate institution, non-judicial entity group with representative or manager, or natural person with the willingness to deploy green beautification can apply.  The branch offices of the National Property Administration may commission management or adoption in the form of non-payment of management fee to promote green beautification of the national non-public land to increase the leisure space for the public.  As of end of April, 2020, there is a total of 3,302 pieces of land with an area of approximately 432 hectares provided green beautification, equivalent to 16.7 Daan Park in Taipei City that can absorb carbon dioxide for environmental protection and carbon reduction.

The National Property Administration  indicates that the recent benchmark cases are the ‘Wugu Garbage Dump Hill’ and ‘Lichi Forest Part’.  Many pieces of land in Gengliao subsection, Gengliao section of Wugu District of New Taipei City have been the site of garbage dumping and illegal factories resulting in dirty environment and stench, severely affecting the lives of the local residents.  After full rectification by the New Taipei City Government, the Norther Branch Office of the National Property Administration  allotted the land in the area to commission the Wugu District Office of New Taipei City for sponsoring green beautification to provide the local residents a clean and beautiful environment.  Lichi Forest Park is situated in the national land in Dongshan section of Beitun District of Taichung City which was planned by the Taichung City Government as the base for building social buildings.  However, for the many old trees on the site, the local residents petitioned to keep the green land.  The Central Branch Office of the National Property Administration coordinated with the Taichung City Government and commissioned the Construction Bureau of the city to sponsor green beautification to preserve the ‘Lung of Beitun’, Lichi Forest Park and construct an eco-leisure zone with the local government.

In order to enhance promotion, the National Property Administration has constructed the ‘Result and efficacy of green beautification of national land platform’ in its website, https://esvc.fnp.gov.tw/green/.  We invite everyone to select the appropriate land object for green beautification and actively apply for adoption to jointly create a green homeland.


News release contact:Section chief, Tsai Fang Yi

Contact telephone:02-2771-8121 ext. 1211

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2020-06-01 Last updated:2020-06-01 Click times:116