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19th Golden Thumb Awards for Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects, 33 teams enthusiastically compete during the epidemic for the highest honor.

Ministry of Finance’s 19th Golden Thumb Awards for Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects for this year began accepting applications on May 5, 2021 to June 28. As a result, there is a grand total of 33 projects participating in this honorable competition. The number of applications for both “Private Team Awards” and the “Government Agency Award” is the highest in the past three years, which is higher than the average number of applications in previous years (29 projects). This shows the importance that the participating teams attach to the “Golden Thumb Awards” during the epidemic.

The Ministry of Finance states that this year’s “Private Team Awards” are applied by the parent company of a participant case. If the case’s team is selected for this year’s award, the team will be given extra bonus during the selection process when applying for other cases in the future, which is believed will encourage more domestic companies to continue to invest in their cases. This year, two new subcategories of the “Private Team Awards” were added: the “Public Service Award” and the “Bilingual Excellence Award”. The “Government Team Award” further requires that the host agency and the planning consultant submit as a team to demonstrate the effectiveness of their joint efforts.

The Ministry of Finance further explained that 19 candidates applied for the “Private Team Awards”, including 5 BOT projects, 5 ROT projects, and 9 OT projects. There are diverse categories of infrastructure projects participating this year, including transportation construction, environmental pollution prevention facilities, sewage facilities, and healthcare facilities. This is a clear indication that the efforts towards infrastructure projects have been profoundly assimilated into the daily lives of the people. There are 7 projects participating in the “Public Welfare Award”, and 1 project in the “Bilingual Excellence Award”. There are 14 projects in competition in the “Government Agency Award”, including 3 BOT projects, 4 ROT projects, and 7 OT projects. There are 8 projects applying to compete in the “Private Team Award” and the “Government Agency Award” (attached list).

This year’s initial evaluations and the shortlisted nominees for the Golden Thumb Award will be completed and announced in August 2021. Subject to the pandemic conditions the onsite examination and final evaluations date will be revised. Related information updates can be found on our official website https://ppp.mof.gov.tw/WWW/index.aspx

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