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Ministry of Finance Investment Convention is in Full Swing – Offering Over NT$224.5 Billion Worth of Investment Opportunities

       In an effort to stimulate the investment potential of public works in the country and rapidly bring together the private sector to tap into public works investment opportunities, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) convened the “2022 TAIWAN PPP Investment Convention and Distinguished Awards for Excellence Ceremony” at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center this afternoon (July 1st). In total, 82 public works projects worth more than NT$224.5 billion were announced, including the promotion of private participation in infrastructure projects, land development (including the creation of superficies by tender) and government-led urban renewal, and rental. More information is available on “PPP iMAP.” (https://www.taiwanppip.com.tw)
       In 2021, there were 172 PPP cases signed and the investment amount reached NT$188.8 billion, the highest in the recent 3 years. Premier Su Tseng-chang, presented the PPP Distinguished Awards for Excellence at the convention to praise the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Taipei City Government, Hsinchu Country Government, and Chiayi County Government for their  strenuous efforts in promoting PPP investment and all kinds of public works. Minister Wang Kwo-tsai, Minister Wang Mei-hua, Mayor Ko Wen-je, County Mayor Yang Wen-ke, and County Mayor Weng Chang-liang represented the respective government agencies to accept the commendations. This year was the first time that rewards were given at the convention to encourage the efforts of 18 agencies in substantially promoting PPP projects with nearly NT$400 million. The MOTC, Ministry of Education, and MOEA acquired the highest amount of NT$4.91 million as part of the central government. Taipei City Government, New Taipei City Government, Taichung City Government, Kaohsiung City Government, and Tainan City Government obtained the highest amount of NT$50 million as local governments.
       The investment convention introduced projects into the tender process which will be announced in the 2nd half of 2022 and 1st half of 2023. The more high-profile cases included “Smart Health Innovation Park on NCU Bade Campus BOT Project, totaling NT$12.5 billion”, “Yilan Veteran Culture & Art Museum BOT Project, totaling NT$8.4 billion”, and “The BOT Project of Alishan Forestry Village in Chiayi City, totaling NT$5.7 billion”. Other PPP projects included “Taipei Metro Circular Line-Shisizhang Station and South Development Project, totaling NT$52 billion”, “Land Development Project of the Jincheng Depot and Juguang Station on the Wanda Line, totaling NT$22 billion”, and “Kaohsiung MRT Orange Line O10/Y18 Station Transit Joint Development Project, totaling NT$18.3 billion”.
       In response to the impact of the aging society, the private sector was strongly encouraged to devote resources to long-term care facilities and services program. The MOF and Ministry of Health and Welfare continues to collaborate closely. The conference arranged a marketing and promotion area to advocate for long-term care services, providing PPP business opportunities and institutional long-term care juridical entities. There is also personnel dedicated to providing legal consulting service for PPP, long-term care, insurance, public land rental, and so on. The purpose is to assist the private sector to invest in long-term care construction, which could help accelerate the deployment of long-term care institutions with high-quality service.
       The participation from players in various industries this year was very active. More than 300 participants were at the event, including well-known development and construction companies or builders (Huang-Hsiang Construction, Huaku Development, Ruentex Development, Marubeni Corporation, Obayashi Taiwan, and others), insurance companies (Cathy Life, TransGlobe, Fubon, Bank of Taiwan, Farglory, and others), long-term care institutions (Hang-An , Double Bliss welfare and charity foundation, Tien-Chai SU cultural and educational foundation), department stores and retailers (Carrefour, FamilyMart, Hsin Tung Yang, Mitsukoshi, TASA MENG, EverRich, Far Eastern, President Chain Store, and others), technology companies (Kanematsu, Chenya Energy, and others), banking industry (First Commercial Bank of Taiwan, Chang Hwa Bank, Hua Nan, Bank of Taiwan, Land Bank, Mega Bank, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, and others), and consulting firms (Chien Yeh Law Offices, Stantec, PwC Taiwan, NRI Taiwan, and others). 

Press contact: Chien-Chin Huang, Section Chief
Contact number: +886-2-2322-8214

2022 TAIWAN PPP Investment Convention and Distinguished Awards for Excellence Ceremony


2022 TAIWAN PPP Investment Convention and Distinguished Awards for Excellence Ceremony



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