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Customs Take New Measure to facilitate Re-export Trade

Keelung Customs (KLC) expressed that, to expedite goods clearance procedures, Customs Administration had modified the application program for the collection of trade promotion fee on goods to be re-exported. From Oct. 13, 2020, the amount of said fee had been able to be assessed by Customs computer system. And relevant operational rules provided in the Advance Cargo Reporting and Goods Clearance Manual were also revised accordingly.

KLC explained that, before introducing above-mentioned computerized approach, exporters first had to fill the Channel of Clearance column on their re-export declarations with the specified code 8 – documentary review requested, if the FOB value of their goods is over NT$250,000. Following that, they must submit hard copies of re-export declarations to Customs for the requested review and getting instructions on whether trade promotion fees would be leviable. But now exporters only needs to enter the reference numbers of original import declarations and line numbers of goods therein into the Description of Goods column of corresponding re-export declarations, then information about the channel of clearance and amount of trade promotion fees, if payable, would be automatically notified. “However, should any of aforesaid numbers to be entered is missing or incorrect, trade promotion fees would always be charged. In this connection, exporters are reminded that a waiver of trade promotion fee may be applicable only if all information provided in re-export declarations is complete and accurate.” KLC emphasized.

KLC further added, “Although trade promotion fees will be normally collected automatically on a quarterly basis, this facility is not applicable to re-exported goods whose fees should be based on domestic processing charges. In addition, exporters still have to request for documentary review on their own initiative (by inputting code 8) if they intent to apply for duty drawback on the re-exported goods that have not been used after importation.”

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2021-06-15 Last updated:2021-06-15 Click times:592