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"Classic 20th * Glorious Taiwan," the 20th Golden Thumb Awards Ceremony is lively on the scene!

    The Ministry of Finance held the "20th Golden Thumb Awards Ceremony for Private Participation in Public Construction" today (18) at the Taipei International Convention Center. President Su Zhenchang of the Executive Yuan and Minister Su Jianrong of the Ministry of Fi-nance visited the venue to present the awards, publicly praising the award-winning teams for their commitment to the public, encouraging the winning team to continue to provide high-quality public services, and paid tribute to the hard-working selection committee (see Appen-dix 1 for the ceremony program).

    In his speech, President Su of the Executive Yuan said that this year's Golden Thumb Awards coincides with its 20th anniversary. The private institutions that have participated in investment promotion in the past 20 years have all been important promoters of public construc-tion and have made significant contributions to Taiwan's economic growth. They have worked together with the government to provide fast and high-quality public services for the public. The award-winning cases of this year’s Golden Thumb Awards are diverse, which also shows that the promotion of participation has become closely integrat-ed with people’s lives in recent years. President Su of the Executive Yuan expects these award-winning private enterprises to continue to invest in Taiwan’s public construction, and to work with the govern-ment to lay down the foundations for Taiwan’s future.

    Minister of Finance Su Jianrong said in his speech that the Golden Thumb Awards has selected many excellent cases for the pro-motion of private participation over the past 20 years, which have served as good role models. This year's performance in the promotion of private participation and investment has also steadily improved, with expectations to see more than NT$260 billion in investment as a historic high, creating a win-win situation for the public, enterprises, and the government. As promoting private participation depends on government agencies’ being proactive, the Ministry of Finance signifi-cantly revised the Law on Promoting Private Participation in Public Construction this year. To provide a more comprehensive legal envi-ronment to promote private participation, it is hoped that the amend-ments will be passed by the Legislative Yuan in the third reading be-fore the end of the year. All sectors are welcome to continue to actively participate in investing in Taiwan’s public construction, which adopts a public-private partnership model to achieve the goal of "Better PPP, Better Taiwan."

    This year, a total of 10 winners of the Golden Thumb Awards stood out, including four Government Agency Awards and six Private Agency Awards. (please refer to the list of winners detailed from Ap-pendix 2 to Appendix 5). An experience-sharing segment was arranged during the award ceremony for the government team that won the High Distinction Award, Department of Health, New Taipei City Govern-ment, and the Superior Award winner, Taoyuan City Government Con-servation Agency, so that more public construction teams can learn from these examples and replicate their successful experiences.

    Despite the severe COVID-19 epidemic in recent years, the public confidence towards the Golden Thumb Awards has not been affected, prompting around 300 people attending the award ceremony, making for a lively event. For information about this year's Golden Thumb Award, please visit the Golden Thumb Award section of the Ministry of Finance's Private Participation in Public Construction Information System (https://ppp.mof.gov.tw/WWW/index.aspx).

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Tel: 02-2322-8218

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