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Importers Purchasing Goods through Cross-border E-commerce Urged to Pay Attention to Import Regulations to Protect Their Own Rights and Interests

Customs Administration states that import goods purchased through cross-border e-commerce platforms are often sent to Taiwan by express or postal delivery. Customs Administration also reminds consumers that if the purchased goods are subject to import regulations, such as food products, health food, medicines, and animal and plant products, they are prohibited from importation unless approved by relevant competent authorities after passing inspection or quarantine requirements. Customs Administration calls on the public to pay attention to the import regulations stipulated by respective competent authorities when making cross-border online purchases, so as to prevent the delay to withdraw the goods due to the lack of relevant approval documents. Furthermore, the goods may have to be returned to the original exporting country in accordance with relevant regulations; the importers may also be penalized by relevant competent authorities.

Customs Administration indicates that pork products and potted plants, which are categorized as animal and plant products to be quarantined, are frequently purchased online. The aforementioned products are subject to the import regulation code “B01”, whereby the importers shall apply for quarantine to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture (hereinafter referred to as the APHIA). If aforementioned goods are intercepted due to failing to meet quarantine requirements, heavy penalties will be imposed by the APHIA. As of the end of November this year, Customs has seized a total of 1,311 cases(1,183.8 kilograms) of pork products that were transferred to the APHIA for penalty. In addition, food products, which are subject to the import regulation code “F01”, are also a common product type that people purchase online. Importers of the said products shall apply for food inspection to the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (FDA).

Customs Administration stresses again that, when purchasing goods subject to import regulations through cross-border e-commerce, importers should use a general import declaration form, instead of a simplified declaration form, in filing import declaration. In addition, in light of the diversity of import regulations, the public is suggested to visit the following website to access more information on import regulations before doing online shopping, so as to safeguard own rights and interests: CTP Single Window Homepage/Customs Clearance and Licensing Inquiry /Other Related Inquiries/(GC473)Import and Export Regulations Inquiry.


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Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2023-12-20 Last updated:2023-12-20 Click times:294