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To assist in the realization of the housing vision and develop social housing, the NPA took over properties in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City

        Following an evaluation of the national public real estate's removal from public use under each agency's management, the properties will be converted into non-public property in compliance with the law and turned over to the NPA to assume management. The NPA will then handle the national assets' subsequent revitalization and generate benefits from their use. The "Social Housing Construction Plan" was approved by the Executive Yuan in March 2017. It integrates government construction and rental housing as supply choices to progressively stabilize the housing market and people's housing. The NPA collaborated with the inventory of land to offer the National Housing and Urban Regeneration Center (hereinafter referred to as the HURC) as a platform for social housing development in response to the prior government policy of directly constructing social housing. In order to understand the situation regarding the use of the immovable property under the management of the agencies, to help clarify the usage relationship, and to resolve any issues that might hinder the smooth transfer of the land, the NPA participated in the relevant meetings on a case-by-case basis for the portion of the land that involves national public land under the management of the agencies. This allowed the process of building social housing to transition more smoothly.

        Originally used by the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) for highway personnel training, the two 1-hectare properties are now being developed into social housing by the NPA in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City. The NPA has been actively involved in the meetings called by the HRUC, helping the Highway Bureau to remove the site's occupancy and demolish the existing buildings in order to guarantee that the planning for the construction of the social housing sites can be transferred to the NPA by the relevant authorities and provided to the HRUC in compliance with the law, as well as to establish a system for the site's transfer and the disposal of the materials mentioned above. This location is unique in that the majority of its space is used for social housing, with a tiny section kept aside for public usage by government agencies after the facility is finished. The proposed development will result in the creation of two social housing complexes, named De Sui Anju and De Guang Anju, with the first to seventh floors of the former designated for the use of the Banqiao Motor Vehicle Supervision Station. This will result in nearly 70% of the land being used for social housing, along with the provision of parks, green spaces, sunlight centers, gathering places, and public parking spaces, all of which will contribute to improving the quality of life for the surrounding area.

        The NPA maintains that the advancement of national policies is entwined with the efficient use of national land. Regarding social policy, it seizes property that is no longer needed by other agencies and makes it available for the development of social housing in an effort to improve the environment, urban living standards, and the efficient use of national resources.

Press Release Contact: Chang Tsui-Fang, Section Chief

Contact number: +886-27718121 ext. 1121

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