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The scope for environmental protection groups to apply for adoption of national non-public marginal land is widened and the efficiency of land conservation continues to increase

In order to maintain the balance between economic development on national land and ecological conservation, the National Property Administration has set additional regulations that national non-public land identified by the relevant competent authorities as environmentally sensitive or necessary for ecological protection can be adopted by environmental protection groups to increase the efficiency of national land environmental conservation.

On January 30, 2019, the National Property Administration enacted the “Directions for Provision of National Non-public Use Marginal Land Adoption for Environmental Protection Purposes” to establish the adoption mechanism of national non-public marginal land in coastal areas, wetlands, ponds and mountainous areas for environmental protection groups, increase the efficiency of national land management and promote natural ecological environment protection. Since its enforcement, three adoption contracts have been signed with the Kaohsiung Wild Bird Society, the Taiwan Black-faced Spoonbill Conservation Society and the Leopard Cat Association of Taiwan, with a national land area of 453 hectares. The Administration also actively screens the inventory and information about national non-public marginal land every six months to provide environmental protection groups with maps for overlay evaluation.

The National Property Administration continues to review its practical operations. On February 17, 2021, the Administration reviewed and revised the aforementioned directions, adding national non-public land that has been identified by the relevant competent authorities as environmentally sensitive or necessary for ecological protection. Environmental groups can submit adoption plans and documents certified by the competent authorities to the National Property Administration for adoption application. In addition, to review the necessity of development and utilization on a case-by-case basis according to various conditions, if the purpose of an environmental group's application for adoption involves other disposition and utilization plans, a joint review mechanism may be established to invite scholars, experts and relevant competent authorities.

According to the National Property Administration, it is currently reviewing one adoption application by an environmental group. The Administration will continue to actively select suitable national land. Environmental protection groups are welcome to contact relevant environmental or ecological competent authorities to identify areas that are environmentally sensitive or necessary for ecological protection, and apply to the Administration for the adoption of national non-public land. The Administration hopes that through public-private collaboration, people can work together to protect the environment and ecology and achieve the vision of sustainable environmental management.

Wild Bird Society Photo1Wild Bird Society Photo2

Photo source: Chiu, Tsai-Chou, Kaohsiung Wild Bird Society


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