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The National Property Administration commissioned National Chung Hsing University to handle the national land improvement and utilization projects in Sanxing Township, Yilan County, and Chihshang Township, Taitung County, and to promote the application of afforestation to obtain greenhouse gas emission reduction credits

        In response to Taiwan's 2050 Net Zero Transformation policy, the NPA collaborated with National Chung Hsing University's to promote improved utilization. The NPA announced today that a total of two national lands (21.66 hectares and 71.98 hectares, respectively) in Sanxing Township, Yilan County, and Chihshang Township, Taitung County, will be revitalized by the winning bidder. Applications for afforestation to obtain greenhouse gas reduction credits will be accepted until June 5.

        The NPA stated that this public invitation for investment is the first in the country to revitalize national land in the voluntary reduction project for new afforestation. The qualifications for bidders are domestic companies, consortiums, corporate entities established in accordance with the law, or foreign companies established and existing in accordance with foreign laws. A professional forestry technician practice is required, as well as commercial initiatives like afforestation, logging, crop cultivation services, or other forestry. Joint bidding is not permitted, and the paid-in capital must be more than NT$30 million (the same hereinafter). Relevant experience in carbon reduction or leisure-related performance is preferred; the lease period is 10 years, and the winning bidder can apply for 5 renewals of the lease, with a maximum lease period of 60 years. Operating royalties are included in the selection items. The base price of the annual operating royalties is NT$150,000 for the Sanxing case in Yilan County and NT$900,000 for the Chihshang case in Taitung. The land rent is calculated at 1% annual interest on the declared land value.

        The NPA further indicated that the winning bidders must apply to the Ministry of Environment in compliance with the regulations governing the voluntary reduction of greenhouse gases within 2 years, as well as to the third-party verification unit to verify the project's completion. Within 5 years, the successful bidders must apply to the Ministry of Environment for registration, and any verification of the reduction credits must be confirmed at least once within 7 years. A total of 10% of the reduction credits obtained by the winning bidder should be retained by the NPA for use by national institutions or central government agencies, among other purposes.

        Information related to this bidding is announced on the Government e-Procurement System (website for the Sanxing Township case, Yilan County: https://reurl.cc/3XokW8, website for the Chihshang Township case, Taitung County: https://reurl.cc/YEvDon), and on the website of the National Chung Hsing University's General Affairs Office, under “Invitation for Bidding” (http://oga.nchu. edu.tw/). edu.tw/). Prospective bidders are welcome to download the bidding documents online and bid enthusiastically.

Press Release Contact: huang Ching-Hsien, Section Chief

Contact number: +886-27718121 ext. 1311

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2024-04-30 Last updated:2024-05-22 Click times:175